What is Funtastic Creations?

Funtastic Creations provides a service to young children helping to develop physical skills and self confidence. We teach original perceptual motor development programs specifically aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 5 years. Funtastic Creations programs combine academic readiness skills with music, dance, drama, movement and self confidence building activities. Therefore Funtastic Creations provides "total" education for the young child. Created and designed by a highly qualified Exercise Physiologist, Funtastic Creations teaches our uniquely designed curriculum within existing Child Care Centres throughout Brisbane.

Why were our programs developed?

Funtastic Creations programs were developed to provide physical stimulation for young children during their years of optimum movement development. Current research indicates that up to 30% of young children have coordination problems and are developmentally immature in their physical abilities. This is mainly due to societal changes that prevent young children from exploring their environment and also technological advancements that provide sedentary activity options for young children. Funtastic Creations aims to help young children to develop normally by providing stimulation programs that maximise the learning opportunities for movement development.

Our Vision

To become the most effective provider in Australia of quality movement programs that help young children’s physical development.

Our Mission

  •  Change the lives of young children by providing educational learning experiences in a fun way through movement and music programs.
  •  Encourage self-expression, exploration and the development of individual unique qualities for each and every child.
  •  To improve young children’s self-confidence, coordination and physical skills through consistent and reliable activities.
  •  Have a top team of performers who are reliable, compassionate, dedicated and honest and who consistently promote, to all children and their families, the benefits of the services we provide.
  •  Provide a working environment that is fun, enjoyable and fulfilling for all team members.
  •  Project exceptional quality in all that we do and all that we are.
  •  Seek to constantly improve our excellent service.