Class Themes

Learning About Australia Throwing skills, balancing & geography
Trip to the Circus Balance, body awareness & agility
Camping Trip Dance, hand-eye coordination & sounds
Hula Hoop Experience Manipulation, jumping, counting & directions
Country & Western Body awareness, counting & drama
Bat & Ball Skills Rolling, bouncing, dribbling & catching
Learning about Space Crawling skills, basic science & agility
Trip to the Zoo  Drama, hand-eye coordination & animals
Parachute Experience Locomotor skills, manipulation, strength & teamwork
Farmyard Experience Imitation, throwing, balancing & dance
Visit to the Fire Station Fire safety, strength, drama & teamwork
Bugs in our Garden Throwing, manipulation & balancing
Day at the Beach Strength, agility, counting & imitation
Ball Skills Bouncing, catching, rolling & kicking
Places Around the World Flags, fine motor skills & locomotor skills
Learning the Alphabet Letters, words, sounds & locomotor skills
Day at the Fun Park Agility, dynamic balance & counting skills
Scoops and Balls   Manipulation, rolling & trapping skills
Sound of Music Rhythm, beat, tempo & music
Olympic Games Manipulation, jumping & throwing skills
Easter Special Dancing, Rhythm, Teamwork & Fun!
Christmas Special Dancing, Rhythm, Teamwork & Fun!