Quality Movement Education for your Child

Funtastic Creations programs are developed by an Exercise Physiologist who has specialist knowledge in the process of motor development during early childhood. All Funtastic Creations programs consist of a variety of age-appropriate activities which are educational and stimulating for young children.

Close to 30% of children have coordination problems and many are not identified until the early school years.


Structured Movement Programs are Important for Normal Motor Development

Many researchers and educators recommend that children should participate in structured movement education experiences as a part of their normal development process. Children need physical guidance to become more efficient in their performance of basic motor skills like moving to catch an on-coming ball or marching in time to a set rhythm or tempo. Funtastic Creations provides the instruction that is necessary to experience progression in these types of skills, which is also important for the long term health of our young children today.

If basic motor skills are mastered at an early age, children will be more likely to maintain an interest in physical activity later in life.