National Quality Framework

Our staff and management are fully aware of the obligations of Child Care Centres to meet National Quality Standards. We support centres with regard to the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care. Staff are selected for their love of working with children and enthusiasm. All have appropriate first aid, CPR and carry a current working with children card.

We fully support in our business model the principles contained within the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care, particularly supporting the centres with regard to:

  • Children are successful, competent and capable learners.
  • Equity, inclusion and diversity underpin the framework.
  • Best practice is expected in the provision of education and care services.

We also believe that we particularly contribute to the Quality Standards with respect to:

QA1 Educational Program and Practice

  • curriculum that enhances each child’s learning and development
  • Every child is supported to participate in the program through our inclusion program.
  • The documentation about each child’s program and progress is available to families

QA2 Children’s Health & Safety; QA3 Environment

  • Adherence to Educator/Child Ratio
  • Our training programs focus on the vital importance of supervision
  • Our training programs deal particularly with supporting children to manage their own behaviour, respond appropriately to the behaviour of others and communicate effectively to resolve conflicts
  • Our staff is oriented in safety and supervision requirements of each centre and trained in behaviour management.