The Funtastic Creations Pre-prep Program is designed for children from ages 3 years to 5 years. The program teaches children to move in creative and imaginative ways and to move with control and efficiency through their environment. Children who progress through the Funtastic Creations Pre-prep Program improve their motor control, which helps to develop the essential skills that are necessary for involvement in games and sporting activities later in life.

Through movement, the Funtastic Creations Pre-prep Program will enhance body awareness and the development of a timing sequence. Children will increase their understanding of basic academic concepts in science, mathematics, language arts and social studies which results in better learning in the early school years. The Funtastic Creations Pre-prep Program also emphasises the importance of social and emotional development by helping to form a positive self-concept and educating children to share and play together. These educational concepts are integrated into a unique and exciting theme each week, so that children can experience motor skill education in a variety of settings.

The Funtastic Creations Pre-prep Program provides more advanced motor skill opportunities for young children, but is tailored to the individual level of development for each child. This program is also lots of fun for young children, but importantly it focuses on the development of essential motor skills that provide the foundation for many life experiences that lie ahead. This program is run in child care centres and the classes run for about half an hour.

Benefits for Your Child with Participation

  • Physical Skill Development - Our Pre-prep Program teaches children essential gross and fine motor skills in a safe and semi-structured environment.

  • Reduced Clumsiness - Improved physical skill resulting from participation leads to improved coordination and hence, reduced clumsiness.

  • Self Esteem & Confidence - Involvement in stimulating activity programs like ours help children feel good about themselves.

  • Ability to share and take turns - We encourage children to learn these basic skills through our group sessions.

  • Better Problem Solving ability - We encourage children to think for themselves and make their own decisions relating to movement tasks.

  • Development of Rhythm - Through our dance and music component, we help children understand the basic elements of rhythm and beat.

  • Preparation for School - Within our movement programs we teach children basic concepts in mathematics, language, social studies and science helping to prepare them for that big step into school.

  • Teamwork - Our classes help children develop teamwork skills preparing them not only for team sports but for life.