Here's what parents have said:

"I just wanted to pass on that my daughter Evey is loving Funtastics. She comes home every Thursday from child care and shows us what she has learnt that day." -Liz, parent Milton Road Children's Centre

"I just thought you and Tracey would like to know something that happened to me the other day. The smoke alarm went off at home (burnt toast) and my son Bryce automatically got down on all fours like he had learnt at Funtastic in the fire safety class. HOW GOOD IS THAT!!!! It shows that your program is having a positive impact on these little people's lives. Well done to you!" -Tara, parent Goodstart Albany Creek

"Just wanted to let you know that my son absolutely loves his Funtastic Class on a Thursday and his teachers tell us that he interacts and participates really well which is great to hear. I also think the new worksheets are a wonderful idea as it keeps the parents informed and allows me to chat to my son about what he did that class." - Tennille, parent Goodstart McDowall

"I was thrilled to know there is a special session such as this which boosts a child's learning ability further. I find Aany being more connected with song and dance. He loves music and I have learnt that, this is one thing that can draw his attention. The class has given me a strong medium to communicate with Anay. It has boosted confidence in Aany and he now, can sit amongst his peers and relate to them by mimicking nursery rhymes. This class " Funtastic Creations" has opened a door. Thank you Funtastic Creations" - Ashvin, parent Taigum Child Care Centre

"Lucas absolutely loves his Tuesdays with Zoe. It gives us something fun to talk about at the end of the day and to extend on from the exercises in class. It also breaks up his usual day care routine. We love Zoe!!" - Cathleen, parent Taigum Child Edu-Care Centre

"My daughter Vivienne absolutely loves dancing and singing. Each Wednesday when she has her class with FC, she will come home and shows me her new dance moves. She loves Wednesdays and will tell me on drop-off Wednesday morning that she has dance class. It makes me happy to see her excited about her FC class. Thank you very much FC for making my little girl smile :-)" - Mel, parent QCCS Hamilton Rd

"My son knows when it is Tuesday, it's Funtastics day. He loves all the activities and the dancing. Bunny, bunny, rabbit is one of his favourite games. Funtastics has helped him come out of his shell and work with his friends in a group." - Danielle, parent Clayfield CDC

"While child care offers variety during the day Funtastic Creations gives my son the extra variety a very active 3 year old needs. He's very excited to see Miss Zoe every Tuesday!" - Hayley, parent Taigum Child Edu-Care Centre

"My little boy LOVES going to Funtastics! His language and memory with songs and stories has excelled, and his co ordination is amazing!" - Bronwyn, parent Goodstart Ashgrove

"Sophie absolutely loves her Funtastic class! It's a small group and they get the attention they require. She comes home every Tuesday with her fact sheet on the theme and learnings from the day and shows me everything with such joy! I really love how it is so practical on every day life stuff and I then get the opportunity to practice it with her all week. Fun and educational!" - Sayah, parent Clayfield CDC

"Since Mia has started Funtastic Creations I have noticed a difference in her listening & following directions/instructions skills and not to mention her vocabulary. Mia has also started singing a lot more. I believe Mia is enjoying the classes and is benefiting from attending." - Karen, parent Mother Duck Eatons Hill

"My daughter loves Funtastic Fridays. Major benefits include learning about a different focus each week which she then comes home and 'teaches' her family about - complete with songs and dances!" - Sherry, parent Goodstart Ashgrove

"My son looks forward to Funtastic Creations each week at kindy. I can see how much he loves it and he's learning from it too!" - Zoi, parent Goodstart Warner

"Lukas looks forward to his Funtastic days - he loves the group games and we've seen him grow in confidence as well as co-ordination. Thanks!" - Michelle, parent Samford Pines Child Care and Early Learning Centre

"The Funtastic Creations activity sheet is a conversation piece that often leads to craft or cooking projects later in the week. Thanks for extending the creativity." - Brooke, parent Goodstart McDowall

"Our Son and Daughter both look forward to their Funtastic class each week and love telling us and showing us what they did each session." - Adam, parent Goodstart McDowall

"My son Garv is enjoying the Funtastic Creations program. I have seen a change in him about music, he sings and dances the whole day. I think it is a great acheivement in a short time." - Deepika, parent Taigum Child Care Centre

"A big thank you to all the team at Funtastics Creations. Chloe loves dancing to your music in her room and in the car. She lives helping her little brother clap along to all your songs." - Joanne, parent Milton Road Children's Centre

"We have noticed that our kids are singing and dancing more and are generally engaging more in facilitated activities. They are always excited for their Funtastic Creations session each week." - Toni, parent Perfect Beginnings

"Every Tuesday Lily comes home singing the songs in your class. We love the activity sheet that comes home with her, it lets us know what she has been up to during class and we then have a chat about what she liked." - Rachael, parent Tadpoles Cashmere

"While Jessica has only just started Fantastic Creations at her centre, she tells me how much she is enjoying it! Jessica is in love with the music and is building confidence stepping outside her comfort zone. Thank you so much for encouraging her each week!" - Kate, parent Perfect Beginnings

"Emily has become more physically confident in moving and dancing since starting Funtastic Creations classes! She is also more imaginative and really enjoys singing the songs she learns in Funtastics!" - Elissa, parent Goodstart Ashgrove

"Sebastian just loves Funtastics - it is the highlight of his week! He can't wait to tell us all about it when he comes home." - Pippa, parent Clayfield CDC

"My son keeps amazing us with all the things he learns and remembers in Funtastic Creations classes. I enjoy that there is variation in what he does." - Femke, parent Goodstart Nundah

"The only time my son goes to childcare without a fuss is on the day when Funtastic Creations is held. He loves Miss Nikki too." - Rox, parent Avenues Early Learning Centre

"Aidan is highly intelligent and often gets bored easily in care. Funtastic challenges him and he comes home brimming with energy and new found spirit. Thank you for your efforts. Aidan loves his weekly classes with Zoe!" - Danica, parent Clayfield CDC

"Ciara just loves singing the songs and loves the poems. Your programme has really brought out the best in her. The actitives are great for her." - Cynthia, parent Goodstart Morningside

"My daughter really enjoys Funtastics. She is excited to show us the activity sheet each week and the stamp on her hand." - Peta, parent Lead Childcare Kedron Park Road

"Since my daughter began with Funtastic Creations, the joy of singing away to different songs weekly makes us smile with pride as she grows in confidence." - Diego, parent Goodstart Coorparoo

Here's what centre directors have said:

Here's what child care centres have said:

"We have had a few different programs and the children have enjoyed this one the most." - Melissa, Bald Hills CCC

"Children have enjoyed the class and are active participants." - Cassie, Kallangur Community ECC

"The children and families love this class and the teacher is really good." - Sharon, Avenues McDowall

"I think the different themes that the children are involved in keep them interested and excited to go back." - Megan, Tadpoles Cashmere

"Engaging programs, great resources and a not for profit organisation" - Brenda, Goodstart Ashgrove

"Good control over the children" - Stacey, Goodstart Nundah